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Document Scanner and PDF Creator app – an Indian scanner app that provides you with more advanced scan options compared to any other apps on the store.

Made In India App
Scan DOCUMENTS in high quality

Scan Document

Now scan your document with a far superior quality without taking the help of Xerox machine. All you need is a smartphone and you are ready to go. This app provides you with a lot of Scanning options like ID Card, Document, Book, Photo, QR Scanner and OCR Text.

Key Features:
Apply Various Color filter on documents

Color Filter

This app comes with various color filters which will help you to choose the perfect color combination for documents. You can also adjust the intensity of the color filters. Filters like Original color(Magic color), B&W, etc provides you with a variety of options to choose from.

Key Features:
Compress High quality documents


Compression technology in this app is one of the best technology in this segment. This is one of the features that our users like it the most. This app significantly reduces the size of a document without much reducing the image quality.

Key Features:
Signature on documents

Original Signature in Documents

Now you can directly put your original signature on digital Document. You can Scan your signature through the App’s camera and put directly on a document. You can also import your existing signature through the gallery and can put it on a document. There are also a lot of editing options like Darken, Color, Opacity, Blend, Flip, etc. 

Key Features:
OCR Text detection technology

Copy Text from Image

Now with the help of the OCR feature of the app, you can easily copy all the text from your photos. This app also comes with OCR on the Camera Screen.

Key Features:

Share as PDF or JPEG

Easily share your documents in PDF or JPEG to WhatsApp or various other platforms.

Compression Technology

Reduce file size with a very minimal effect on scan quality.

Copy Text from Image(OCR)

Now with the help of the OCR feature you can easily copy all the text from your photos

PDF Tools

PDF Tools have options like Merge PDF, Split PDF, PDF to image, Image to PDF, and Add/Remove Password.

Other Features

Reaching people through media channels

Document Scanner With AI

Advanced Artificial Intelligence(AI) lets you scan documents without tapping on the screen.

It automatically detects the edges of the document and captures it automatically. One of the most trusted document scanning app on the Play Store and Apple Store with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Our User's Review

"This is really one of the best app for scanning, and I am using it from the very beginning of the 2021, but according to me the recent update is not user-friendly. It's more time consuming to create a pdf and the filters are not good. Please shift it to the last version. That interface was amasing and user-friendly."
Anik Banerjee
14 February 2022
Best app for documents scanning. I scanned 147 camera images directly to make it one pdf. I had Adobe scan for a very long time, and when I was scanning from that, it was just showing quitting unexpectedly!! Maybe couldn't handle the load. But then I got to the play store and found this app and used it, it was so smooth. Thank you guys. I scanned 147 pages into dpf very smoothly.
12 April 2024
"This application in my opinion is the best for scanning documents. Also it makes various options like rearranging pages in the pdf, highlighting and changing the colour for better clarity and also the best feature is that it detects the writing/printed part and crops out the unwanted part of the page (it is accurate 90% of the times). Only thing is that the number of ads should be reduced a bit. Other than that nothing to complain about. 👍🏻👍🏻"
Urzaan Vachha
5 May 2020
"I love this app. The ads are unobtrusive and the document scanner tool is fast and accurate. It also gives the options of several different filters for the scanned page. This pdf app has sacved me multiple times. It is the ap to go for if speed and efficiency is needed. I was able to scan a 100-page document complete with OCR text and filters in under an hour. On top of this all, it's made in India as well!"
Aditya Tomar
30 July 2021
"Best scanner I've ever used, better than cam scanner even. Book mode is amazing. Just a request - the automatic borders on the book mode cut out the page where a shadow falls on the page. I turned on the flash, but the problem persists. Please try to make detection of borders better, at least when the flash is on, it shouldn't cut out the page due to shadows."
Umrao Krishna Singh
29 August 2020
"This is amazing app. As a teacher, when the Govt. banned the CamScanner I was badly looking for an alternative. This app is perfect! Just perfect, because you have all the features that the other apps are actually charging for and it's absolutely free over here. Also I went out for Microsoft, Google & Adobe as well but none of them could prove this perfect. I highly recommend this app and my students also have started using it. The best part, absolutely easy interface. Kudos for the team!"
Asmita Gupta
4 August 2020

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